Man found with ecstasy pleads guilty

A man has pleaded guilty to drug possession charges after he was caught with the drug ecstasy on New Year’s Day 2016.

Devran Donmez, 22, represented himself in the Melbourne Magistrates court on October 6.

Victoria Police Sen-Constable Lee told the court that Mr Donmez, a sub-contractor, was suspected by police in the early hours of January 1, 2015 at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

It was here the court heard Mr Donmez was questioned by police after they became suspicious about his behaviour. When questioned, Mr Donmez handed over a single pill of the drug. He was then taken into custody.

The court was told that Mr Donmez agreed to participate in a drug divergent program to avoid sentencing as this was his first offence.

Sen-Constable Lee informed the court that Mr Donmez appeared at the first session but neglected to do so on the second. It was then that police issued a court summons.

Magistrate Andrew Capell asked Mr Donmez why he didn’t appear at the second session. Mr Donmez replied that he was “flat out with work”.

When reading out the charges Mr Capell stated Mr Donmez was “fleeting with danger”.

Mr Capell sentenced Mr Donmez with a 12 month good behaviour and fined him $150.

Mr Donmez was unresponsive and appeared disinterested while his sentence was being read out.

Mr Capell described Mr Donmez to have thought he was “invincible” but cautioned against using the drug in future.

“You might think it is a recreational drug but it’s a dangerous drug,” Mr Capell Said.

Divergent programs similar to the one Mr Donmez agreed to have been a way for first time offenders to avoid a criminal record. Police have seen the benefits extend beyond the offender to those in the broader community.

The money will go towards charity at the discretion of the Melbourne Magistrates’ court.